Dal Dy Dir is a Charity Incorporated Organisation based in Wales. (Charity Number 1171346). 

We began in 2016 following extensive consultation with families, communities and agencies within Wales and the UK. 

We co-produce services for people with disabilities and other marginalised groups and hard to reach sectors of the community.

We don’t believe in labels and we believe that communities and individuals are the experts in their own lives. 

We support people to achieve their aspirations, challenge stereotypes and provide innovative solutions to issues within communities and society.




We, at Dal Dy Dir, believe that every individual, group or family have the right to be able to access services such as a break away, without fear of judgement or challenge. Sadly we know that realistically this is, all to often, not a possibility.
Dal Dy Dir is pleased to announce it’s programme. If you are looking for a long weekend away, a therapeutic break or even a slightly unusual adventure then have a look at our offers below.
What we do:

We work with small holiday providers to offer breaks to suit you and your personal situation. We personally vet the accommodation and work closely with the providers to ensure you have everything you need for your time away.
Bespoke Options tailored to suit your situation:

We provide as much or as little support as you require. Our helpful staff can provide personal care, coaching support, 1-2-1, 2-2-1 or 3-2-1 support. 

We can provide bespoke activities and equipment or groups or individuals and work with your family to ensure that you are able to enjoy your time away. We know the local areas really well so if you have any special interests from wildlife to canoeing living history do give us a call and we can tailor the holiday accordingly.
Starline Narrow Boats:
Bespoke Adventures :

Looking for something a little different but not sure where to start. Always wanted to go wild and free but worried about how to do it? Give us a call on 07870194779 or email us and share your wildest ideas and dreams. We do all the hard work… sourcing suitable digs, sounding out exciting trips…. planning the access and travel arrangements…the right amount of bespoke support… Yes we’re serious…..
You really need some ideas?
Great Western Runnaways:

Stay in old converted railway carriages and travel Wales by rail, using steam, single gage or if you prefer good old conventional guage!! You can choose to stay in one location or use the trains to travel across our beautiful country.

Always fancied getting back to nature but worried about glamping with the kids? Why not use our experienced staff to work with you (and if you prefer we can make sure you get the luxury treehouse option whilst the staff camp out with the kids.) Again we can offer 24-7 support and by the end of the week we promise that our staff will seem part of your family…don’t take our word for it ask some of our previous adventure seekers!
The Real Thailand:

You’ve never considered Thailand?! Really? Pure white beaches, mountains, a culture that promotes ultimate respect for each other. Understanding about disability is widespread throughout the country and because we’re in the know we have interpreters, guides and some of the best accommodation going!! 

We’re not even going to start talking about the food…



We offer bespoke training courses for agencies and companies in the following areas:

Promoting a positive mental health culture

Disability Discrimination and awareness


We also provide group and 121 external facilitation for staff and agencies. We use both Coaching and Action set learning to provide resolution to ongoing issues within teams.
Advice and Advocacy:
Community Resolution:
Community Development:

For any of these please contact us  info@daldydir.co.uk or 07870194779
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