Moving Somewhere New!

Dal Dy Dir are excited to be moving and opening up a new location, thanks to the generosity of one of our friends, it is just outside Newtown, Powys.  Photos will follow.
This is the first of a number of sites we are planning and will offer a great opportunity for our volunteers to work to enhance and develop a rural setting. We have amazing plans for animals and forestry and we see this as a wonderful opportunity to create something that really works for us and those who we work with.
We are fundraising to 
a. Buy our own siteb. Cover our boring old core costs so we can operatec. Provide Animal care / Cost / Sponsorship
We face many challenges to achieve what we know is right, but are determined to provide something truly exceptional for all.
Should you wish to donate, we are currently setting up a safe giving mechanism and it should be ready in the coming days.
Dal Dy Dir 13 June 2017