Happy 1st Birthday!

Psst…Did anyone tell you that it’s our Birthday? On 1st September 2017 Dal Dy Dir will be one year old! And what a momentous first year it’s been. 

A Brief History: Following the announcement from Papworth Trust that they intended to close Kerry Farm, the staff and volunteers following consultation committed to forming a new charity, which could continue to Co-produce services with our families and community. We have placed a bid with the Trust to takeover the farm.  The Charity Commission awarded us charitable status at the end of January of this year!  We are deeply committed to developing our service so that we can continue to offer therapeutic breaks to our families.  A member of the local farming community in Kerry has very kindly allowed us to use a two acre piece of land on the top of the Ridgeway (Many of you who know the area will have fond memories of the Kerry Ridgeway!), where alongside our volunteers we are working hard and still offering our rural skills programmes. We have just found out that we have received Awards For All funding from the Big Lottery; this fund, alongside a grant from the Community Foundation in Wales, will allow us to continue developing our services within the local community.   Our vision is huge and we are, of course, looking to find a forever farm of our very own. This, in itself, will be no mean feat, as we need to ensure our new home is suitable for our volunteers and for of our holidays and respite breaks as well. It will mean that we have to raise significant funding revenue to buy and adapt a smallholding. Our wonderful Trustees are currently seeking a number of different funding streams, of which we will keep you posted.   Our core team are faces familiar to many of you who have spent time with us over the last four years as are some of our Partners such as Sam from Rooted Forest School. Our team have been offering their services in England as well as Wales. Indeed one of our Specialist workers team has began to visit one of our families on a monthly basis, through the Dal Dy Dir With Us Service. Indeed they have reported “It’s just like Dal Dy Dir, but at our home!”   

What can you do? Here’s the important thing…we really need you! We want to develop a service that is run with you, for you and that really empowers you to achieve whatever it is that you want and be proud of it! For that we need you to work with us…. 

Talk to us: email us, call us, send us a film, write to us, fb or instagram us. Give us your ideas, tell us what you envision or see for Dal Dy Dir 

Gossip about us: Please like us on Social media, tell your friends about us, tell your school, tell your community…let people know what we are doing and plan to do in the future.  

Donate: We are doing everything we can to raise money for Dal Dy Dir but if you can spare even a small amount it really will make such a difference. If have our own Local Giving Page. https://localgiving.org/donation/dal-dy-dir Or contact us for our Bank Details. 

Fundraise: Hold a community event for us to raise money, or find a way to raise some money a sponsored something, a cake bake etc the possibilities are limited by your imagination. 

Volunteer: Come and spend the day with us and help us develop our new field.  

Use our Services: Find our about “Dal Dy Dir with us” service.  07870 194779 info@daldydir.co.uk
instagram.com/daldydir twitter: @dal_dy_dir 

Dal Dy Dir 2 August 2017