Everyone needs a holiday

Dal Dy Dir is pleased to announce the introduction of holiday breaks at its stunning four acre site in Powys, Wales. We offer an alternate to the traditional respite packages provided to families with care requirements. We understand that the cost of placing an individual into a care facility for a short period of time can be prohibitive, both financially and in terms of stability within the family setting.

We offer families with respite needs the opportunity to attend a supported short break, in a rural setting. The family is assigned a personal Coach Specialist who will contact the family prior to the break to ascertain their personal, physical and emotional requirements. From this, a bespoke programme of activities and support is planned for the week.

Activities will be offered on 1-2-1, group or family basis depending on each families’ personal requirements. Coaching, counselling and crisis intervention are all part of the interventions on offer and are not only for the individual but also for the family as a whole. This means that we can target wider issues within a family context and develop plans for when families return home.

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2nd April 2018