SO many thanks are due to so many people. Our charity wouldn’t exist without you all. This page is dedicated to you all. Most of you make light of your support. Most of you are busy, busy people. Most of you don’t even think of the things you do for us as charity work. We salute you and we keep a tally. Not forgotten

Chad of Kerry: Mate – you made our chicken runs! They are amazing. Happy days.

Our mysterious angel: You drop in – you gave us a clock and words of encouragement every time we see you. Love love love to you.

OUR VOTING PUBLIC: We won the lottery because of you. You voted, you made others vote….we quite literally could not exist without you.

S. Wood Products: You come, you build and we love you! Thank you guys

Morgans of Newtown: All we need to do when we have an upset Director is send her to you and you make it all better. Plus you have donated some beautiful agricultural items. And you deliver in less than 20 mins. We salute you.  

Travis Perkins: Dressing half our staff. And sending us beautiful soil. Our vegetables have never done so well.

The Herbert Arms: You raise money for us, you hold events for us and you house our staff! Thank you beautiful people

J&J Farm Services Newtown
For supporting us with all the lovely Husqvana equipment, being so great with our nervous students, giving us endless advice and generally being super lovely! Oh and for repairing the stuff the Director breaks….

Charlies: Loving our equipment – it keeps us going on the farm on a daily basis. Also for allowing the Director to play with the tools.

Harper Adams University: For being teachers extraordinaire! You spread the joy of education.

Bluesdigital: You created our websites. You patiently answer inane questions. You staple and arrange our printing. You do most of it for charity. Nuff Respect Sir. 

The Sarn: You house our staff – even the rude ones. You run beautiful days for our visitors. You fund raise for us. Oh and you make banging cake.

Greggs: Cake. Every Friday. I mean how good does life get?

Tesco: Food Friday – we’ve been making some really exciting dinners.